Fanbooks® can be configured to support a wide variety of experiential marketing and revenue generating initiatives. Below are some of our proprietary features that allow Fanbooks to create a truly unique and dynamic book for a fan's personalized keepsake.

Soft Cover Books
High gloss finish, full-color,
durable PUR binding.
Hard Cover Books
High gloss finish, casebound,
full-color, PUR binding.
Premium Printing
Printed on HP Indigo Presses
with gloss lamination.
Video Integration
Include video content from your event or your sponsors.
Dynamic Code Generation
Auto-generate printed codes for downloads or personalization.
Promotional Codes
Generate batches of unique pre-purchase codes for special groups.
Integrated Advertising
Create new revenue or added value by including sponsor ads.
Book Configuration
Offer multiple book styles, sizes, and page counts for every event.


Fanbooks® provides a number of high-level services to support our Partners with their Fanbooks® initiatives. We are continually adding new services and working with strategic vendors to offer unique solutions for our Partners. Below are some of the services we currently provide:

Graphic Design
High-end graphic design for all aspects of Fanbooks services.
Book Design
Cover design, page layout and
image manipulation.
Marketing Asset Creation
Social media assets, email design, and print material.
No photographer? No problem. Our network of photogs can help.
Content Curation
Too many photos to choose from? We can make sense of it all.
On-Site Support
Need a team on the ground to help educate your fans? We got you!
Customer Support
All support associated with Fanbooks orders is handled by our team.
Print & Promotion
Flyers, cards, and brochures oh my. We can help you with all of it.

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