A great, new addition that our fans really love.
We introduced Fanbooks in 2017 to the fans at the National Finals Rodeo and 100% of the buyers personalized their books. The unique personalization is a game changer for our experiential marketing team.
Michael Mack
Las Vegas Events
Special moments live on forever for our parents.
Yearbooks can't cover every meaningful moment for every student or parent. Now with Fanbooks we can create books for each group that represents the meaningful moments that matter to them.
Laurel Beckstead
American Heritage Academy
I knew it was a winner when I first saw it.
The trend we see with influencer marketing is personalization matters to Millenials and the product that Fanbooks delivers is such high quality that we love sharing Fanbooks with everyone.
Doug Messer
University Beyond
The perfect solution at the right time.
We were looking for something new and fresh to bring to the more than 1200 organizations we represent across the United States. Fanbooks was an obvious fit and has been well received by coaches and parents.
Kevin Justice
Ignite2x for Pop Warner

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