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We Play For Keeps

The only solution that offers organizations collaborative,
on-demand keepsake books that fans can personalize.

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Keepsake Books That Fans Can Personalize

Play the video below to see how Fanbooks works and can benefit your organization and fanbase.

A Beautiful, Personalized Offering

Fanbooks works with leading binderies in the United States and Europe to create a consistent, high-quality soft and hard cover books that fans will treasure for years. Our proprietary system allows Fanbooks to support a wide range of partners with varying experiential marketing needs.

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How it Works

1. Partner
with Fanbooks to create
your publishing account.
2. Identify
retail pricing and commission
structure for your audience.
3. Publish
your Fanbooks on our
propriety platform.*
4. Promote
your Fanbooks among
your own fanbase.
*Fanbooks manages printing, support, and commission payouts.

A True Partnership

Fanbooks works with Partners to create a mutually beneficial experience. We support Partners with services such as graphic design, book design, and launch strategy. Fanbooks is very selective of its Partners and the communities we support. If you feel like your organization is a good fit for Fanbooks, please complete our Fanbooks Partnership Request Form.

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